Thursday, January 7, 2016

Phone Tracker Free

Whenever we set up travel bag, no matter where we go, we know that what you can not miss us is an ideal companion: our smartphone. We know the value that have smart phones during our days of rest; they are the people who recorded those moments making them eternal, allow us to contact friends and family and even find certain directions for those unknown places.

 But there is a problem: the Sun, water, sand and wind can easily damage your device and become irreparably damaged. For these reasons, we offer you the best advice and recommendations for caring for your smartphone during the holidays and that you can make the most.

On hot days that characterize the summer can reheat your cell. Excessive exposure to the Sun can damage both the battery and the display of the equipment and its luminosity. This is why we recommend keeping your phone inside the bag or wrapped in a dry towel, thus, this way, you avoid having direct contact with the light of the Sun.

If grains of sand entering the phone they can affect its operation. For this reason, it is advisable to use some type of guard or cover, in this way you avoid the cell to have contact with the sand. If it's late and your computer was unprotected, we recommend you remove each granite carefully, without hitting it or blow it, may re-enter the particles and, in addition, to generate moisture.

Currently there are several smart phones that are resistant to water, as the bike G 3rd. Generation. Now, if your device is not, we recommend taking precautions so that it does not contact the water. If for any reason your smartphone should fall in the pool or the sea, you will have to turn it off, dry it carefully and then take it to an authorized service center, where will evaluate the situation and will give you the most suitable for each case and recommendations.

With the family Moto phones, these problems are minimized thanks to the repellent nano-coating to the water, but never it is worth a little attention extra. Also care should be extreme in the heated pools because, in addition to water, steam can generate malfunctions in the internals, as also the creams and body oils.
cell-phone tracker
If your phone is that leave you abandoned half way and yet do not have the possibility of changing it, there are certain tips that allow you to save battery life, mainly when we travel since we spend much time away from the charger. Therefore if you do not need to be connected, we recommend placing your phone in "Airplane mode" and go down to the maximum the brightness of your display.

During the holidays we relax and sometimes are not so attentive to our phones. Everything that falls on the sand easily is buried unless one realizes and other landscapes can become inconspicuous. In either of these cases, it is recommended to have applications installed that help locate the mobile in the event of loss or theft through the GPS.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Premier league

The Leicester confirmed their aspirations and closed the sixteenth day of the English League with a victory over Chelsea with taste of revenge, which perches at the Claudio Ranieri to leadership and ranks José Mourinho team just one point above posts decline. Ranieri has his revenge against the technician who succeeded him on the bench for Chelsea, in 2004, and which, when they agreed in Italian football, quipped on the age of the Roman coach and his difficulty in learning English. Now Ranieri is the coach of the moment in the Premier and his Leicester team of fashion, while Mourinho must respond each week to doubts about its continuity.

 Even though 'Mou' repeat that what worries him is the distance with those above, you are forced to look down. The threat of the descent starts to fly over on the "blues". At the King Power, while the "Foxes" played to confirm that they can be more than a surprise, Chelsea needed the victory to demonstrate that even there to bury their options to the title, in a season in which almost everyone fail. But the current set of Mourinho is a disoriented team, without a clear pattern game - with Cesc back on the bench - and many problems with the goal. True to its hierarchy, he dominated throughout the first half, but did not create more danger than a shot of head of Serbian Nemanja Matic, at the exit of a corner (m.36). Nor was lucky in the "Exchange" of injury, because the departure of Danny Drinkwater (m.(16) it was less traumatic for the rival that Eden Hazard for the "blues", replaced by Pedro within half an hour of play. The Leicester was clearer, because it has a goal-scorer in State of grace (Jamie Vardy) and a genius (the Algerian Riyad Mahrez).

Between the two they have scored eight goals more that all the Chelsea.Y between the two solved that, until now, has been the most important haul of the season at the King Power Stadium. In 34, Mahrez took a center area that topped volley Vardy, ahead of sleeping behind Chelsea. At the start of the second half, Algerian franc took advantage of the passivity of César Azpilicueta, dropped a ball in the area and sent him away from Courtois.Con all lost, desperate, Mourinho gave entrance to Cesc instead of John Terry and Chelsea regained the hope with a goal by Löic Remy's head, a pass from Pedro (m.78) , its oppressive end harassment, with five extra minutes in the discount, did you nothing more than to show the powerlessness of an Assembly that fails to straighten its course. Ranieri's secured a victory that will allow them to extend one of the questions that dominate discussions of English football: will resist to the point of fighting for the title?.

The other - how much will withstand Roman Abramovich to Mourinho - also cobra force.

Premier League

Not have been more explicit and more resounding Mourinho to discuss the defeat to the Leicester: "Apart from the Matic and Willian, nobody is playing according to the established plan". And the Portuguese broke out: "I feel that my work has been betrayed. I have to look in the eye a few players and ask them if they feel Chelsea like me".
After a hectic start of the phases of groups, the advantage of England over Italy was fragile. But after the results on Thursday, the Premier League adds a total of 10.625 per the 10.333 of Serie A. However, Italy points total this season will be to divide it among six teams, for the eight from England.

As for Spain, its five participants in the UEFA Champions League (a record) and two in the UEFA Cup have managed all 13,500 points in the ranking, more than any other nation. The full advantage of Spain over Germany is 95.282 by 75.320 and the League follows path of becoming the first Championship to register a coefficient greater than 100.

Other big races is which keeps Russia replace France or Portugal among the best six federations, which would give the country a second place automatically in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League and a third in total for the year 2017/18. The good form of the Zenit, Lokomotiv of Moscow and the Krasnodar have given Russia 11,300 points, staying just behind Spain and Germany in the season ranking and it is now to 0,200 of Portugal, which has fallen slightly behind France.

The other key posts that mark a cut are the 12 °, which gives a square auto in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, and the 15th, above countries have a minimum of two seats to participate in the competition. The Czech Republic is competing fiercely with Switzerland for the 12 th place, reducing the advantage to 1,650 points, but the Basel and the Zion remain in competition in the UEFA Cup by only Sparta Prague of the Czech Republic (both countries began the season with the same number of teams in the competition. As for the 15th position, Austria (which even has Rapid tournament) is 0.283 points of Romania, which already has all of its teams eliminated.

The two teams that have passed the group stage of the UEFA Champions League for the first time have won many points. VfL Wolfsburg passes the 67 ° put to 39th, while Gent, who finished the season the 135th, now is 83 degrees, and leave Belgium with five clubs among the top 100.

Electric Tesla Motors

Electric Tesla Motors officially for sale in the country of the electric.

It is may with reservation of through from 80,000 pesos from the company web page,whose Executive Director is Elon Musk. Even though the final price to the consumerhas not been determined, rely beginning at 75,000 dollars plus taxes, although themore expensive versions of the model could reach 145 000 dollars taking as intoconsideration improvements duration one more battery, as well as additional,including functions and design to hypervelocity.

Are scheduled to depart for the second semester units surrender of next year.I will vehicle of 100 kilometers zero and it can be reached in three second to 425 kmDistance, without is recharging and even with sunroofand you can enable space fortwo children and five adults.

Inaddition, the Company Preval incrementing the Red boots in the country for theusers who make travel more broad though they offer performance in load completeup to 425 kilometers, without necessity of reconnection, which series Equivalent tomake three trips round of the Federal District of Cuernavaca.Same as he charged at any auto outlet may, eight hours in only.WITH powerStill doesnot have one when formal Mexico company to shop, rely on one for thesecond aperture quarters of 2016 the company handle with other brands couldcompete another range, such as Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW.According to a directive from the company, I have the Mexican market potential islarge, although they discarded but sales projections, since you still do not have them.I have car to operate the automatic pilot, and thanks to the cameras sensors, althoughin straight lines recommended long is when it is stable traffic.

Tesla Motors

Robert Rose, expert in technology of autonomous responsible driving of the newly developed by Tesla Motors, autopilot has been signed by Google, but not for work on your project's car without a driver.

Rose, who before Tesla worked as Chief Engineer on some rockets of SpaceX, also founded by Elon Musk, has entered into the division of Robotics of Google, where it will work on other types of robots different from autonomous cars, which is not yet known, as reported by Business Insider.

Known internally as the Replicant, division of Robotics Google works projects secretly in "make robots more accessible to applications in the real world and the search for situations that can help people in tedious tasks", as described a recent work of a software of this engineer division.
The Ministry of industry, tourism and commerce has approved, and thus consists in the official State Bulletin (BOE), the installation of the supercargadores the US company Tesla Motors electric car.

In this sense, authorizing installation of Tesla connectors for ultra fast charging of nominal power stations greater than 100 KW, new charging points or the renewal of existing charging points, up to 18 November 2017, based on which such connectors have an equivalent level of safety to the connectors defined in the instruction technique complementary (ITC) BT-52.

This decision comes after Tesla Motors Netherlands, as leader of the European project Supercharger, requested the General Secretariat of industry and small and medium-sized enterprises that it proceed to the provisional adoption of alternative technical requirements which allow the use of charging systems that comply with the IEC regulations in recharge stations of electric cars with a power of 100 kW without that must be subjected to the restrictions of the Combo 2 connector.

The Government has explained that these supercargadores deliver an output of 135 kW electricity, allowing users of cars to charge 80% of the battery of your vehicle over a period of between 20 and 30 minutes and be able to travel 400 kilometers with a very short recharge.